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ART of Infertility Brochure

As a class group project for Introduction to Professional Writing, we worked with a non-profit organization to develop a brochure for them. This piece is targeted towards infertility professionals with the intent of raising awareness of the organization and their mission. Infertility professionals can then refer patients, doante, or help to host events through the ART of Infertility.

The ART of Infertility is a traveling art exhibit and oral history project that documents the experience of infertility. Through storytelling and artwork, The ART of Infertility translates the experiences of infertility patients to medical practitioners, physicians, and legislators. The project displays the human experiences of infertility

Brochure PDF

Lauren Utykanski, Alistair Poole, Emily Claus, Caroline Mulvaney
Project 4 Rationale
8 December 2015

Final Memo

When discussing our brochure, our group decided that we wanted to try our best to balance the information from the FAQ sheet and the company’s artistic image. Essentially, we wanted to create a brochure that was very informative, without containing too many words. To do this, we divided up each section of the brochure and referenced text directly from the FAQ sheet, highlighting the points we felt were most important.

For our usability, we really just tried to make the layout as easy to follow as possible. We kept it uncluttered and simple. The clean layout and design made it easier for the users to find the information they needed without being overwhelmed.

When Elizabeth joined our class, we used her as a direct resource about the company, especially when determining what content to include in the brochure. Through researching the FAQ sheet as well as the company’s blog, we learned about the ART of IF’s diverse clientele and the importance of connecting with each and every one of those clients. Because the clients include both patients and clinics, we were not sure whether to include more scientific information, or to keep the scope more so to the general person. Elizabeth suggested we kept it more general, so we kept the “art therapy” section and scientific point of view on one page.

As for our revisions, we took our cue from what Elizabeth provided us with. There were a few tweaks here and there that she wanted us to edit including making the social media links more accessible and correcting art to ART when referring to the organization. Other than the specific examples Elizabeth provided us with and some basic grammar and such things to edit, we mostly kept what we had in our original brochure.

Going forward, we would recommend that the ART of Infertility maybe get an intern to work with the social media aspect of their organization as that is a huge outlet and the social media groups had some great ideas for it. The intern could also be in charge of maintaining the documents we all created for Elizabeth as the organization and information changes.