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Hi, my name is Alistair Poole, and this is a little bit about me.

I am currently a student at Michigan State University, studying Professional Writing, with a focus in Technical Writing.

The professional writing major covers technical writing, publishing, editing, cross-cultural communication, and web design. My courses have given me a wide range of practical skills in web design, film making, writing, and design, while also giving my a theoretical understanding of rhetoric, culture, and design.

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I have an interesting mixture of ambitious creativity and technical specifcity. I have a deep fascination with technology, evidenced by my forays into computer programming and web design. I believe that technology has the power to drive change in our world, and it is ahrd to find something more exciting than that sort of potential.

I also enjoy writing, designing, and creating. I love thinking about the problems we face in our personal and professional lives and trying to devise solutions to them. I enjoy the ollaborative process of formulating, creating, and revising solutions to the problems we face.

That is what I want to do with my life. I think that I can make a difference in the world by leveraging my abilities as someone who understand both the technical and the human aspects of every situation.

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Some hobbies of mine: